Sonu Nigam says on Shaheen Bagh protest

Presently, famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam in Dubai postpone his return journey to India due Coronavirus effect in India. In the last Thursday PM Narendra Mode in his address to the nation appeal to the public in India to support Janta Curfew on 22nd March, 2020 to stay safe from infection of coronavirus.

Sonu Nigam says in support of said appeal of PM and announce to do online concert on this Janta Curfew. He also said any kind of protest where there is gathering many people should be postponed to minimize the spread of coronavirus in the nation.

Coronavirus is a biological threat not only in India but threat to world. He also said on Shaheen Bagh, that their protest should be postponed in this dangerous situation of the nation due to corona virus effect for the protection of health of the protesters as well as their family members.

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