China is trying to get Bangladesh on its side after Nepal

China is trying to get Bangladesh on its side after Nepal

After the conflict in Ladakh, there has been a serious deterioration in relations between India and China. In this situation, China wants to get India’s long-time ally Bangladesh by its side. Bangladesh, located on the eastern border of India, is also said to have been given various baits from Beijing.

According to observers, China has already drawn Nepal to its side. Nepal has claimed a territory in Uttarakhand as its own when tensions between India and China erupted in Ladakh. Nepal’s constitution has also been amended to show India’s land on the map.

India is considering taking action against China after the Ladakh clashes. Attempts are being made to boycott China in the economic field. It is learned that Beijing has been told from Dhaka that 97 percent tax exemption will be given on 5171 products of Bangladesh. Those products are exported from Bangladesh to China. Beijing was asked long ago by Dhaka that since Bangladesh is ‘less developed’ than China, they should be given tax exemption on those products. On June 16, China agreed to Bangladesh’s request. Earlier in the day, clashes broke out between Indian and Chinese forces in the Galwal Valley in Ladakh.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh said that a notification was issued by the Ministry of Finance of China on June 16. It said that 97 percent tax exemption will be given on Bangladeshi products. Bangladesh has already received tax exemption on 3,095 products exported to China under the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement.

The friendship between the two countries will deepen if China gives huge tax breaks to Bangladesh. That will increase the discomfort of Delhi. Generally, Bangladesh has sided with India against China in every occasion. But last year, Bangladesh expressed dissatisfaction with the National Citizenship Register and Citizenship Amendment Act in India.

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