One month lockdown again in Britain.

One month lockdown again in Britain.

Corona virus has caused havoc in the world. Corona virus cases are increasing everyday. Corona virus infection appears to be increasing again in Britain. In Britain, the number of corona virus patients has crossed 1 million, after which the lockdown has been announced once again in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a four-week lockdown across the country due to the threat of the corona virus. Starting from November 5, this lockdown will continue until December 2.

After the lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called the army for maximum testing. The Prime Minister has asked the army to help for corona testing on a large scale. The corona vaccine is expected to arrive by March 2021.

 Senior Minister Michael Gove said on Sunday that even after the lockdown lasting December 2, if the virus cases and deaths did not decrease, the lockdown could be extended further.

 Johnson announced the lockdown optimistically, saying "I am a very optimistic person." This time the settlement will be better. Then we will have better treatment. With this we can have the vaccine by March. "

 He further added that “We now have millions of cheap, reliable and fast test kits. Test kits that people can do on their own. These tests will know whether you are contagious or not and the results will be obtained within ten to 15 minutes. In the coming weeks, we will provide quick change test. The army has been brought in to work on logistics and the program will start soon. ”

 Previously PM Johnson had hoped that regional restrictions imposed in October would reduce corona cases, but government scientific advisors believe that corona cases will increase by December and more patients will be reached in hospitals.

 The announcement of Johnson's lockdown sparked another round of political turmoil. The opposition Labor Party reminded him that he had implemented the lockdown a week earlier. The Labor Party said on Wednesday it would support legislation related to a second lockdown to vote in the House of Commons.

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