Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan, turned 55 today.

Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan, turned 55 today.

Bollywood’s finest actor Shahrukh Khan has turned 55 today. The actor has crores of fans worldwide in whose hearts they reside. The actor was born on 2 November 1965 in the capital Delhi. It is generally said that Shahrukh Khan charges crores of rupees for any film. Apart from films, he earns from brand endorsement to own business. Let us tell you today on his birthday how much he earns from his business every year.

King Khan has invested in different places around the world. At the same time, he also has many properties in Mumbai. In which their house is the most expensive. It is the home of Shahrukh Khan. The value of Shahrukh Khan’s house is said to be 600 crores. Apart from Mumbai, he has property in many countries including UK, Dubai. Shah Rukh Khan bought a Parsi family owned mannat for Rs 13.2 crore. After which he has been living here for 17 years.

Apart from acting in films, Shah Rukh Khan also invests in films. Shahrukh Khan is the owner of Red Chillies Entertainment. Today, Red Chillies Entertainment also runs a visual effects studio called Red Chillies VFX.

In 2008, Shah Rukh Khan launched his team for the first time in the Indian Premier League. During that time, the actor surprised everyone by buying Kolkata Knight Riders for $ 75.9 million. In this he invested with Juhi Chawla’s husband Jai Mehta. Apart from this, he also has a team of Caribbean Premier League team Tribango Knight Riders.

Shahrukh Khan has been very fond of the car since the beginning. Where he is the brand ambassador of Hyundai. These days Shahrukh Khan owns BMW 6 and 7 series cars. Let us know that the price of 6 Series of BMW starts at Rs 63.90 Lakh and the price of BMW 7 Series is Rs 98.9 Lakh. According to Forbes list, Shah Rukh Khan has total assets of $ 38 million.

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